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  • Vienna II: Kunsthistorisches Museum

    Vienna II: Kunsthistorisches Museum

    When I was in Vienna for work, we had a guided visit of the Kunsthistorisches Museum. The Kunthistorisches Museum was built at the same time as the Natural History Museum. They have similar layout, symmetrical fa├žades and face each other. When you enter the building there is a majestic staircase, including paintings from Gustav Klimt. […]

  • Vienna I: Upper Belvedere

    Vienna I: Upper Belvedere

    I went to Vienna for a work trip. I arrived early and I could squeeze in a visit to the Belvedere museum. It was cold but sunny. This is the view of the Upper Belvedere from the Lower Belvedere. And the view of the Lower Belvedere from the Upper Belvedere, with Vienna in the background. […]