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  • Work Meetup In Castelldefels, Spain

    Work Meetup In Castelldefels, Spain

    If you say Castelldefels to someone from Spain and from my generation, they will probably think of ‘El Neng de Castefa’. El Neng was a character from comedian Edu Soto; a young man, friendly, high and happy on the drugs that people took to dance their way from club to club, some along the -shortly…

  • Wind Power in Spain

    Wind Power in Spain

    Travelling in Spain you can’t miss the windmills. Spain is one of the European countries that produces the most wind power. 23% of the energy consumption in Spain comes from it. And you can’t look at the modern windmills without thinking of Don Quijote. I wonder if they would have been aliens instead of giants.

  • 2023-03-28: Personal Update

    2023-03-28: Personal Update

    We left the hotel at 4:40am. At the airport the trouble continued, we had 4 tickets but my daughter’s had not been transferred properly and they couldn’t print the boarding pass. Next flight was on Thursday. The airlines started the hot potato game. Call Iberia, call American Airlines, feel hopeless in between. 30 minutes before…

  • July in Spain. Part 2: Saldaña

    July in Spain. Part 2: Saldaña

    We spent time with my mom, brother and nephew. We visited La Olmeda Roman Villa, with one of the most important mosaics of the Roman world that is still really well preserved. We ate my mom’s delicious food, we ate “cecina” at El bodegón, had a lovely lunch at Cantina Sofia, went up the hill…

  • July in Spain. Part 1: Aguilas

    July in Spain. Part 1: Aguilas

    I really enjoyed going to the coves around Aguilas in Murcia. They don’t have easy access and many were empty. We found some French cars around, maybe the area is featured in one of those Guides du Routard. I also liked going for runs at 9pm, it was still hot. I love the long days…

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