July in Spain. Part 2: Saldaña

We spent time with my mom, brother and nephew. We visited La Olmeda Roman Villa, with one of the most important mosaics of the Roman world that is still really well preserved. We ate my mom’s delicious food, we ate “cecina” at El bodegón, had a lovely lunch at Cantina Sofia, went up the hill to the ruins of the medieval castle, did some shopping at the weekly market, visited the Roman market (that somehow had fairies?), and visited ‘La virgen del Valle‘ .

Other random things I liked

Overnight French toast for school days breakfast

The dad’s existential crisis in Moominpapa at the sea

Watching Kleo to practise German

The view from Lapham Peak Observation Tower


July in Spain. Part 1: Aguilas

I really enjoyed going to the coves around Aguilas in Murcia. They don’t have easy access and many were empty. We found some French cars around, maybe the area is featured in one of those Guides du Routard.

I also liked going for runs at 9pm, it was still hot. I love the long days of summer.

Other Random Things I Liked

The Full Focus Planer.

The Murderbot Diaries series and Moominvalley in November.

This fruit galette recipe.

A fountain pen I bought in Muji for $16.

Art Outings WordCamps

Viajes en 2019

En Enero fuimos a Chicago, a visitar el Adler Planetarium

En Marzo a Milwaukee, a visitar el museo de arte

Con el trabajo fui a Lisboa en Abril, para la reunión del equipo.

En el tranvía, foto de Paul Jacobson

En Abril a Washington DC, a visitar la ciudad y los museos

En Mayo a Chicago, de paseo con mi madre que vino de visita

A Cedarburg, al museo del Quilt

A Racine, a visitar las oficinas de SC Johnson de Frank Lloyd Wright

En Julio a Chicago, a visitar el Instituto de Arte.

En Agosto a España: Águilas y Saldaña.

En Septiembre a Florida, para el encuentro anual de toda la empresa, aunque no sé si contarlo como viaje porque aunque estuvo genial, sobre todo vi el hotel.

En Septiembre a Milwaukee, a hacer un tour del Pabst brewery

Y en Noviembre a Saint Louis, para WCUS. La única foto que tengo es esta del contributors day.

En Diciembre a Oshkosh a ver el museo de la aviación y a Oconomowoc a pasear un rato.


The Underwood

The summer when I was 12, my grandfather decided it was time for me to learn how to type. He gave me a book with exercises and permission to use his typewriter. Every day, he would make me work at it after lunch. He would sit on a chair in the garden, reading, and I would be upstairs, typing. If he didn’t hear the key strokes, he would call me out to continue. 

I remember how I liked changing the paper, the frustration from a mistake at the end of the excercise, finger pain and feeling very grownup, sitting at his desk.

Typing this with my thumbs on the phone, those days seem far behind but I still can hear the key strokes and my grandfather’s voice.