Weekend Coffee #7: Moving to Wisconsin, Python for Kids and a Song

Next Monday the movers are coming, they will empty our house and put our things on their way to Wisconsin. We will fly a few weeks later. We will have spent 3 years in Lamorlaye, France. I wanted to declutter as much as possible but time is ticking, and it is more fun to meet friends, drink wine and eat pains au chocolat, baguettes, fromage … I feel like I have disappointed Marie Kondo.

In the garden we had a rose. Plants that survive me deserve special attention. I am really bad at gardening. My father would have liked it.

Rose in Lamorlaye

I went to Paris, walked for hours around the city, stopped at WMSmith, and had lunch with a friend at Les Tuilleries. It is hard to say goodbye. It was grey, it rained, still beautiful.

I am excited that I am going to start working with a coach. Automattic gives me that chance and I am planning to make the most out of it. Moving to another country is an opportunity to reflect, change and grow.

Summer holidays are here with tons of free time for the kids. I bought Pablo a Python online course in Udemy ( https://www.udemy.com/teach-your-kids-to-code/learn/v4/overview ) and asked him to do one hour per day. He likes it so far and has done 15% of the course. Let’s see if it works because we tried before a book “JavaScript for Kids” and he got bored very quickly.

I have been reading Prairie Fires: The American Dreams of Laura Ingalls Wilder. I really liked the first 300 pages, learning about the pioneers, the Homestead Act and all the miseries. I am now getting  a bit bored of the mother-daughter relationship and mixing it with Pachinko, that I am loving. I am liking better the Korean family saga than the American one. There is danger in that, we are not in the US yet and I am already thinking about other places… This time I plan to fight the itch. 

And a song from the latest album of Arctic Monkeys:

This post has been written with Gutenberg. What else?

Palais de Tokyo 

El palacio de Tokyo es un centro de arte contemporáneo en París. 

Está al lado del museo de arte moderno, en la avenida Président Wilson, en el 16ème.

Siempre hay gente haciendo fotos porque al lado hay una vista bonita De la Torre Eiffel.

Fuimos para un taller en familia. El tema era arqueólogos del futuro. La visita consistía en visitar el museo como si fuéramos arqueólogos del año 3000 y tuviéramos que dar un uso a las obras expuestas. 

Los niños más pequeños enseguida se prestaron an juego. Los mayores menos pero a todos nos hizo mirar de forma diferente y usar nuestra imaginación.

Después de la visita, los niños tenían que realizar con arcilla un objeto cotidiano y darle otro uso. Mis tres hijos, que van a su aire, hicieron una balanza de Roberval, una mochila y un robot en la playa. 

La obra que más gustó a los niños fue ‘Rites and Aftermath‘ de Dorian Gaudin.

Mi preferida fue ‘Round Midnight‘ de Emmanuel Saulnier. Una alegoría al estilo de improvisación del pianista de jazz Thelonius Monk.

La obra podría ser una partitura o las teclas de un piano, en tres dimensiones, expandiéndose para ocupar el espacio y rompiendo los estándares establecidos.