Art Institute of Chicago: Cezanne

It was a full career retrospective with paintings from multiple museums and private collections. I can’t imaging the work needed to curate the exhibition (It was a four year project).

It was grouped by subjects instead of chronologically: portraits, still lifes, landscapes. You could see the evolution of the artist, common subjects, patterns.

There were paintings, watercolors, sketches, sketch books, watercolor palettes, reviews from other artists, insights about his process.

It was beautiful.

It has now moved from The Art Institute of Chicago to the Tate Modern in London, if you have the chance to go see it (until march 2023).

If you want to know more, from people that know what they are talking about, you can listen to this lecture from the museum co-curators.

Other Things I Liked

Pumpkin muffins with white chocolate chip cookies from The Joy of Cooking cookbook.

The movie The Greatest Beer Run Ever and the real story it is based on.

The music video from the latest song of the Arctic Monkeys, video directed by Brook Linder

A website from the Getty museum that takes you to ancient Persia (shared by @ritap)

Art Outings

Bisa Butler Portraits

This summer I went to The Art Institute of Chicago. I was mesmerized by Bisa Butler Portraits. They are powerful and delicate at the same time. You can admire them from the distance, with their bright colors and striking composition, and from very close, where you see the fabric layers, the different material and threads that she uses to paint.

Random Stuff I Liked

Heavy: An American Memoir A great book. I think I got the recommendation from The Audacity newsletter from Roxane Gay, that I also enjoy reading.

This song from The Jesus And Mary Chain with Hope Sandoval.

Hillbilly Elegy on Netflix.

Another book that opened my eyes to the nature around me and put me to sleep many many nights because it can be oh so boring and so good at the same time.

Life goals now that my 45 birthday is in a couple of months.

Art Outings WordCamps

Viajes en 2019

En Enero fuimos a Chicago, a visitar el Adler Planetarium

En Marzo a Milwaukee, a visitar el museo de arte

Con el trabajo fui a Lisboa en Abril, para la reunión del equipo.

En el tranvía, foto de Paul Jacobson

En Abril a Washington DC, a visitar la ciudad y los museos

En Mayo a Chicago, de paseo con mi madre que vino de visita

A Cedarburg, al museo del Quilt

A Racine, a visitar las oficinas de SC Johnson de Frank Lloyd Wright

En Julio a Chicago, a visitar el Instituto de Arte.

En Agosto a España: Águilas y Saldaña.

En Septiembre a Florida, para el encuentro anual de toda la empresa, aunque no sé si contarlo como viaje porque aunque estuvo genial, sobre todo vi el hotel.

En Septiembre a Milwaukee, a hacer un tour del Pabst brewery

Y en Noviembre a Saint Louis, para WCUS. La única foto que tengo es esta del contributors day.

En Diciembre a Oshkosh a ver el museo de la aviación y a Oconomowoc a pasear un rato.