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  • 2023-04-03: Daily Update

    2023-04-03: Daily Update

    I am going to miss waking up and seeing this view from the window. We left after lunch. It is always sad to say goodbye to family. We are sleeping in Barajas, our flight is very early in the morning. We went out for dinner to a tapas place. You pick the tapas from the…

  • The Greek Turtle

    The Greek Turtle

    I went for a run today and saw this sign. I asked my husband who grew up here because I have never seen a turtle in this area. He explained that “la tortuga mora” is an endangered species that got a lot of attention when it blocked the construction of new apartment complexes by the…

  • 2023-03-29: Personal Update

    2023-03-29: Personal Update

    We woke up late because of jetlat and vacation. We went for a walk by the beach and then into town to have coffee. We had lunch and we went to the beach. Only my brave daughter went swimming. It was sunny but the water is still cold. We went for an ice-cream in the…

  • Águilas


    The sun was shining when we arrived. The trees in my in-law’s garden were full with lemons and kumquats. You could smell the orange blossoms when you entered the garden.

  • July in Spain. Part 1: Aguilas

    July in Spain. Part 1: Aguilas

    I really enjoyed going to the coves around Aguilas in Murcia. They don’t have easy access and many were empty. We found some French cars around, maybe the area is featured in one of those Guides du Routard. I also liked going for runs at 9pm, it was still hot. I love the long days…

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