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  • Tiny Interactions

    Tiny Interactions

    I liked this podcast episode from The Hidden Brain where they talk about the power of tiny interactions with people. During your day you have strong interactions with your family, partner, coworkers, and friends and weak interactions with the supermarket cashier, the café barista, etc. We value strong interactions as a source of happiness but […]

  • For fun these days

    For fun these days

    A friend asked me: “What are you doing for fun these days?”. My first thought was: “Nothing? Because of Covid?” But it is not true, I am doing many things just for fun. Here are some of them: Learning German. I am halfway towards checkpoint 5 in Duolingo. The last checkpoint is 8. Once I […]

  • 46 days

    46 days

    I finished ‘Du côté de chez Swann‘ by Proust. That was my quarantine read. There are 5 more volumes but not yet. I liked it when Swann idealizes Colette through Vermeer portraits. Vermeer portraits are beautiful. Krista Tippet, on the On Being podcast, interviews Stephen Batchelor about ‘Finding Ease in Aloneness’. They talk about Vermeer […]

  • Coffee Break #9: Dealing with disappointment.

    Coffee Break #9: Dealing with disappointment.

    Nothing serious going on but I am waiting to go back to work without a deadline. Some days, it is hard. These are things that help me deal with disappointment (no magic potion on my side, mostly common sense):

  • Coffee break #8: First days in Brookfield.

    Coffee break #8: First days in Brookfield.

    Brookfield summer is hot and sunny, we love the house we rented, people are really friendly, Milwaukee is only minutes away and Brookfield library lets you borrow up to 125 books at a time.