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  • A Tofu Recipe

    A Tofu Recipe

    This is a variation of a recipe from Vegan for Everybody. I am sharing it here because the kids liked it. Ingredients Steps Not the prettiest photo but very tasty. We ate this with rice that had some vegetables on it. I am always looking for recipes that I can make for dinner, they have […]

  • No Roll Quick Pie Crust

    No Roll Quick Pie Crust

    For Laetitia. This is a quick version of the traditional pie crust. It is not as flaky and good looking but it is good enough and if the shortcut makes it easier to cook dinner when you are tired or in a rush, it deserves a place in your recipe book. I got this recipe […]

  • 2023-04-05: Daily Update

    2023-04-05: Daily Update

    Back to everyday life. I got up at 5:30, fed the cat, prepared breakfast and lunches, cooked the vegetables for dinner, ran a load of laundry, remembered how nice it was to have a relaxed breakfast during the vacation. I prepared ahead peas with onions. This is a simple dish that tastes good. You mince […]

  • Lentejas con chorizo

    Lentejas con chorizo

    This is a recipe for Rita and her mom. Ingredients Organic green lentils ( 16oz/450gr). We use brown lentils in Spain but the ones I have tried in the US are too hard. 1 Chorizo. This is the one I buy in a supermarket next to my place, it is cheaper than the one here […]

  • Voma: An Online Art Museum for Everyone

    Voma: An Online Art Museum for Everyone

    Last week we visited A free, virtual, entirely online, art museum. Inés (9 years old) liked the video from and the painting from Manet (Eduárd) I liked the room with paintings from Abe Odedina and Manet, and the video from Gilbert & George. The museum has a reading room where you can learn […]