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  • Spring Energy

    Spring Energy

    I really like the energy that comes with spring. All the ideas you get for new projects and to restart old ones. The willingness to be outdoors. What I didn’t know is that this is not shared by my family. This morning I asked them about it and the didn’t feel the same. How strange…

  • Removing Distractions

    Removing Distractions

    I started listening to Ikigai before my vacation in Spain. One of the things the book talks about is flow, and removing distractions to be focused and present in the moment. Vacations are a good moment to revisit routines and rethink or reset behaviors. I decided to look into removing distractions. An easy thing to…

  • Duolingo With My Mom

    Duolingo With My Mom

    I have been learning German with Duolingo for some time now. I have a streak of 815 days. I don’t think it is particularly effective but it is better than nothing and it doesn’t take a lot of time. I also find it fun and sometimes I watch a show or a movie in German…

  • The Weekly Review

    The Weekly Review

    Every week I look at what I did last week and what will need to be done the coming week. I go over my task manager (Todoist), email, calendar and notes (Obsidian). I think about what went well, what I want to keep, what I want to stop doing. I set up priorities for the…

  • Tiny Interactions

    Tiny Interactions

    I liked this podcast episode from The Hidden Brain where they talk about the power of tiny interactions with people. During your day you have strong interactions with your family, partner, coworkers, and friends and weak interactions with the supermarket cashier, the café barista, etc. We value strong interactions as a source of happiness but…

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