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And here we go again!

I am having breakfast while everyone else is still sleeping. Drinking tea instead of coffee because it is “Lucky Irish Breakfast” tea. A bit of luck to start 2021 seemed like a good thing to do.

I have a new planner, from designer Adam J. Kurtz. It is already messy inside with ideas and lists.

My cat “Rasputin” is going crazy around the house, running and jumping on things. Looks like he is excited for the New Year.

And on today’s agenda, we are going to visit

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Viajes en 2019

En Enero fuimos a Chicago, a visitar el Adler Planetarium

En Marzo a Milwaukee, a visitar el museo de arte

Con el trabajo fui a Lisboa en Abril, para la reunión del equipo.

En el tranvía, foto de Paul Jacobson

En Abril a Washington DC, a visitar la ciudad y los museos

En Mayo a Chicago, de paseo con mi madre que vino de visita

A Cedarburg, al museo del Quilt

A Racine, a visitar las oficinas de SC Johnson de Frank Lloyd Wright

En Julio a Chicago, a visitar el Instituto de Arte.

En Agosto a España: Águilas y Saldaña.

En Septiembre a Florida, para el encuentro anual de toda la empresa, aunque no sé si contarlo como viaje porque aunque estuvo genial, sobre todo vi el hotel.

En Septiembre a Milwaukee, a hacer un tour del Pabst brewery

Y en Noviembre a Saint Louis, para WCUS. La única foto que tengo es esta del contributors day.

En Diciembre a Oshkosh a ver el museo de la aviación y a Oconomowoc a pasear un rato.

Art Outings

Zao Wou-Ki Exhibition at MAM in Paris

If you like abstract art and happen to be in Paris before January 2019 you shouldn’t miss Zao Wou-Ki exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in Paris. With the title “L’espace est silence”, it is not a retrospective but a selection of large format paintings. The exhibition is well curated and the paintings shine in the big and bright rooms of the museum. 

I took some bad pictures. The official video is thousand times better:

The only thing I missed on the exhibition was more detail on the painting process. 

I would love to see Fabienne Verdier and Zao Wou-Ki paintings exhibited together.


Weekend in Madrid

Friends, “cañas”, good food and a museum. That was my weekend in Madrid.

Kids Outings

A podcast to listen with the kids in the car

My children are 6, 9 and 11. Finding something to listen that we all like is a challenge. This is how we found one of our favourite podcasts.