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  • MAM: Americans in Spain

    MAM: Americans in Spain

    Another visit to the Milwaukee Art Museum, for an exhibition about Americans in Spain. The kids think that all the women in the painting from the tobacco factory look like me. That painting was one of my favorites. Here they look very interested but I think they were making fun of something. I have a […]

  • MAM: Milwaukee Art Museum

    MAM: Milwaukee Art Museum

    When the museums reopened I bought a family membership for the Milwaukee Art Museum. It is only 20 minutes away by car and with the membership you can go as much as you want without having to spend hours to make the most of your ticket. Only one floor is currently open. The café that […]

  • Voma: An Online Art Museum for Everyone

    Voma: An Online Art Museum for Everyone

    Last week we visited A free, virtual, entirely online, art museum. Inés (9 years old) liked the video from and the painting from Manet (Eduárd) I liked the room with paintings from Abe Odedina and Manet, and the video from Gilbert & George. The museum has a reading room where you can learn […]

  • 2021


    And here we go again! I am having breakfast while everyone else is still sleeping. Drinking tea instead of coffee because it is “Lucky Irish Breakfast” tea. A bit of luck to start 2021 seemed like a good thing to do. I have a new planner, from designer Adam J. Kurtz. It is already messy […]

  • Viajes en 2019

    Viajes en 2019

    En Enero fuimos a Chicago, a visitar el Adler Planetarium En Marzo a Milwaukee, a visitar el museo de arte Con el trabajo fui a Lisboa en Abril, para la reunión del equipo. En Abril a Washington DC, a visitar la ciudad y los museos En Mayo a Chicago, de paseo con mi madre que […]