Walks Around Milwaukee, The Domes

This is a short and cute visit. You can tour the conservatory gardens inside of The Domes in one hour, if you take it slow.

The flower dome had a fairy garden exhibition. The fairy gardens were pretty small and the set up too far to see the details, not my favorite.

I liked the desert and tropical domes much more than the flower dome.

I didn’t know there was a chewing gum tree:

My daughter Inés liked touching the Mimosa Pudica plant and seeing how the leaves closed:

Other Random Things I liked

Noticing that Fabienne Verdier’s Instagram account is like a puzzle. It makes so much more sense that the fragments I was seeing in the feed.

Another book from The Mistborn Saga, The Well of Ascension. An entertaining read perfect for the summer. I have already put the third book on hold at the library Libby app.

Amazing things you find on Tumblr: “so yes this is LITERALLY the 600-years-old butt song from hell”.

Making yogurt at home and using the yogurts to make yogurt cake (with chocolate chips).


Walks Around Milwaukee, Third Ward.

Another walk around The Third Ward neighborhood in Milwaukee. We saw the mural “The Unsung Hero”, an homage to female working class by artist  Case Maclaim. The model is Karen Bell, the owner of  restaurant Bavette. We stopped for oatmeal ice cream at the Public Market, watched people partying on boats, and bought a few books on the way back at second hand bookstore Downtown Books.

Other Random Things I liked

Anéantir by Michel Houellebecq.

A cold brew and toffee ice cream from Scratch ice cream in Brookfield

Watching The Sleeping Beauty with the kids and show them the growing vines that we found scary as kids but are laughable if you compare them with the ones from Stranger Things.

Mushroom, spinach and goat cheese quesadillas.

One night stand stories (in French)


Walks Around Milwaukee, Juneautown.

We walked one Sunday morning around Juneautown, a neighborhood on the east side of downtown Milwaukee. We enjoyed the buildings and the good weather. The city was empty. At noon, there was still no one in the streets. Strange feeling of life missing.

We saw the gas building, with the flame that tells the weather. The flame was not working or maybe you only see it at dark.

To remember the meaning of the color of the flame, there is a song that goes like this:

When the flame is red, it’s warm weather ahead.

When the flame is gold, watch out for cold.

When the flame is blue, there’s no change in view.

When there’s a flickering flame, expect snow or rain!

The Wisconsin Gas Building is an art deco building with a beautiful door. Apparently some rooms and boardrooms have preserved the original architecture but sadly, you can not visit them. Next to it there is a mural of basketball player Giannis Antetokounmpo.

We continued our walk around the neighborhood, around 2 hours. Still wondering where everybody was.

The book guide I had, Walking Around Milwaukee, ended this walk with a visit to a replica of Solomon Juneau’s cabin, the founder of Milwaukee. It had been temporarily squatted by a group of Summerfest visitors. They had a tent at the back, and were using the bench in the cabin to hang some towels. I don’t think this cabin was worth the detour, maybe the squatters would disagree.

We went a couple more times to the city and had a less eery experience. To be continued …

Other Things I Liked

Caste by Isabel Wilkerson. I listened to the audiobook read by the author.

Lex Fridman interviewing Susan Cain and talking about Leonard Cohen.

This recipe for pie crust from Smitten Kitchen blog.

Field Notes notebooks for German morning practice.

Field Notes notebook in craft paper with a fountain pen on top and German written on the cover.
Field Notes notebook, held open by a fountain pen,  with a few German sentences,

Walking around Lapham peak with my daughter.


Antiques on Pierce

Antiques on Pierce reminded me of treasures from my grandmother’s house. A multiplication and concentration of grandmother’s houses.

We had fun exploring the three floors and showing Inés how to use a rotary dial phone.

I bought two big serving dishes. My favorite is deep green with a spinning pattern ($12). Inés chose a goose box ($6.5) for her bedroom. The box is in fact a sugar bowl but she doesn’t mind.

And here are the serving plates living a new life.

Other things I liked recently

Dare to Lead by Brené Brown: I found this book very inspiring. I have downloaded the list of values and have been working on it for days, it is really hard to reduce it to two. I am driving my husband crazy with questions about it.

Don’t look Up: A comedy that scares you because it feels so real.

My Neighbor Totoro: Magical.

The Food of Sichuan: A beautiful book not only about food. And this interview.

BRUCE (XIAOYU) LIU – final round (18th Chopin Competition, Warsaw): This competition totally hooked me up. I don’t usually listen to classical music and know very little but I have been watching and listening to this on repeat.

How to be useless: I liked the book recommendations at the end.

No Such Thing as a Fish. Episode 409 for a great lesson on tardigrades.

The Witcher TV Series: I haven’t read the books. I liked this series.

Art Outings

Bisa Butler Portraits

This summer I went to The Art Institute of Chicago. I was mesmerized by Bisa Butler Portraits. They are powerful and delicate at the same time. You can admire them from the distance, with their bright colors and striking composition, and from very close, where you see the fabric layers, the different material and threads that she uses to paint.

Random Stuff I Liked

Heavy: An American Memoir A great book. I think I got the recommendation from The Audacity newsletter from Roxane Gay, that I also enjoy reading.

This song from The Jesus And Mary Chain with Hope Sandoval.

Hillbilly Elegy on Netflix.

Another book that opened my eyes to the nature around me and put me to sleep many many nights because it can be oh so boring and so good at the same time.

Life goals now that my 45 birthday is in a couple of months.