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  • Placebo Like in 2001

    Placebo Like in 2001

    I went to see Placebo in Chicago with my husband on Friday. Last time I saw them was in Salamanca in 2001. I had a great time, they played really well, I liked the music and the venue. They played mostly the latest album and some songs from the old ones, like The Bitter End. […]

  • Walks Around Milwaukee, The Domes

    Walks Around Milwaukee, The Domes

    This is a short and cute visit. You can tour the conservatory gardens inside of The Domes in one hour, if you take it slow. The flower dome had a fairy garden exhibition. The fairy gardens were pretty small and the set up too far to see the details, not my favorite. I liked the […]

  • Walks Around Milwaukee, Third Ward.

    Walks Around Milwaukee, Third Ward.

    Another walk around The Third Ward neighborhood in Milwaukee. We saw the mural “The Unsung Hero”, an homage to female working class by artist  Case Maclaim. The model is Karen Bell, the owner of  restaurant Bavette. We stopped for oatmeal ice cream at the Public Market, watched people partying on boats, and bought a few […]

  • Walks Around Milwaukee, Juneautown.

    Walks Around Milwaukee, Juneautown.

    We walked one Sunday morning around Juneautown, a neighborhood on the east side of downtown Milwaukee. We enjoyed the buildings and the good weather. The city was empty. At noon, there was still no one in the streets. Strange feeling of life missing. We saw the gas building, with the flame that tells the weather. […]

  • Antiques on Pierce

    Antiques on Pierce

    Antiques on Pierce reminded me of treasures from my grandmother’s house. A multiplication and concentration of grandmother’s houses. We had fun exploring the three floors and showing Inés how to use a rotary dial phone. I bought two big serving dishes. My favorite is deep green with a spinning pattern ($12). Inés chose a goose […]