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  • Pastries In a Can

    Pastries In a Can

    Ok, these pastries in a can are not the best and even if they have organic ingredients, I would rather have non organic butter and non organic sugar than organic palm oil and organic inverted syrup. But the containers are very interesting. When I first saw these pastry cans in the supermarkets here, they got […]

  • On Expansion and Focus

    On Expansion and Focus

    There are days when I feel I am too much in my head. Usually I have been focusing on a problem for too long, the focus starts to narrow until it is too small and my head seems like a enclosed space. Then I know I need some expansion. This is a list of things […]

  • My Morning Routine

    My Morning Routine

    I wake up at 5:30am, check email quickly in case there is something from schools. I secretly hope there is a snow day and I can go back to sleep. I feed the cat, cook breakfast and prepare the lunch boxes. Today for breakfast there was banana, a bagel with egg and a yogurt. For […]

  • My Home Office

    My Home Office

    And the only one I have because I only work from home. My laptop and a second monitor, a headset for meetings, notebooks to think on paper, some trinkets, small things on the wall that make me smile, a candle, a couple of coasters and a standing desk. Zoom on the headset stand: I used […]

  • For fun these days

    For fun these days

    A friend asked me: “What are you doing for fun these days?”. My first thought was: “Nothing? Because of Covid?” But it is not true, I am doing many things just for fun. Here are some of them: Learning German. I am halfway towards checkpoint 5 in Duolingo. The last checkpoint is 8. Once I […]