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  • A Tofu Recipe

    A Tofu Recipe

    This is a variation of a recipe from Vegan for Everybody. I am sharing it here because the kids liked it. Ingredients Steps Not the prettiest photo but very tasty. We ate this with rice that had some vegetables on it. I am always looking for recipes that I can make for dinner, they have […]

  • Tender


    Tender: A Cook and His Vegetable Patch by Nigel Slater is one of my favorite cookbooks. It is different from other cookbooks. It is not a vegetarian cookbook, even if many recipes are. It is not about health or diet. It is a cookbook with recipes that are very tasty where the vegetables are the […]

  • Pickled Onions

    Pickled Onions

    One day you wake up and you are having coffee while reading a cookbook, and the recipe looks good, and you don’t have greek yogurt but you made a batch of home made yogurt last night, and you don’t have red onions but you have the American white onions that are sweeter than the European […]