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  • On Scurvy

    On Scurvy

    I am listening to the book Over the Edge of the World: Magellan’s Terrifying Circumnavigation of the Globe. They have come out off the Strait of Magellan and they think that in a few days they will reach the Moluccas. They have no idea that they are in the largest and deepest ocean. It has […]

  • Books in February

    Books in February

    Les déracinés This is the story of a Jewish couple that starts in Vienna in 1930 and follows them throughout their exile. I started this book before my trip to Vienna and I almost gave up on it. It is only when they leave Vienna that I was caught in the book and really liked […]

  • Books in January

    Books in January

    War and Peace In January I read 31 chapters of War and Peace, one per day. I am doing ‘A year of War and Peace’ with some people from work. This is the first time that I read on a fixed schedule. It is difficult to stop after one chapter. It forces me to slow […]

  • The Language of Beauty in African Art

    The Language of Beauty in African Art

    Another exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago. We went on the 31st of December. It was nice to end the year doing something I like. 250 sculptures from dozens of distinct cultures across the African continent. The exhibition focuses on the perspective of the communities and artists who created the works, instead of the […]

  • Voma: An Online Art Museum for Everyone

    Voma: An Online Art Museum for Everyone

    Last week we visited A free, virtual, entirely online, art museum. Inés (9 years old) liked the video from and the painting from Manet (Eduárd) I liked the room with paintings from Abe Odedina and Manet, and the video from Gilbert & George. The museum has a reading room where you can learn […]