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  • Books in May

    Books in May

    Open Water By Caleb Azumah Nelson. A favorite. The book reads a bit like poetry, or maybe like songs. There is a lot of music in this book. It is really beautiful, powerful and sad. The Low End Theory from A Tribe Called Quest, to accompany the book. Tastes Like War This was a library […]

  • Books in April

    Books in April

    Ikigai “Ikigai is the Japanese word that means your reason for being. Do you wake up in the morning looking forward to your day?” I got the book after listening to Héctor García in Guy’s Kawasaki podcast and I liked it, specially the stories about the people. The parts that stuck with me the most […]

  • 2023-04-18: Daily Update

    2023-04-18: Daily Update

    This morning for breakfast, it was yogurt with granola. We like these yogurts because the consistency is like the one of the yogurts we are used to. They might not be better but they are familiar. Living abroad there are many small things every day that are small challenges and sometimes you are just happy […]

  • Books in March

    Books in March

    The Muse I liked this book but I regret listening to it instead of reading it. I was really put off by the Spanish accents. I understand the accent when the spaniards were speaking English but they wouldn’t have an accent when they were talking among them as they would be speaking Spanish. I would […]

  • Books I’m Taking on Vacation

    Books I’m Taking on Vacation

    Kindle: War And Peace. Kindle: The Song of Achilles. Kindle: Good Without God. Audiobook: Ikigai. Paper: MariaDB High Performance. I don’t think I will be without things to read 🙂