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  • Work Meetup In Castelldefels, Spain

    Work Meetup In Castelldefels, Spain

    If you say Castelldefels to someone from Spain and from my generation, they will probably think of ‘El Neng de Castefa’. El Neng was a character from comedian Edu Soto; a young man, friendly, high and happy on the drugs that people took to dance their way from club to club, some along the -shortly…

  • Above the Clouds in Madeira

    Above the Clouds in Madeira

    I went to Madeira for a team meetup and on our free day, we went hiking. The clouds didn’t let us see the ocean but gave us a different type of sea. It was beautiful. There was also a Madeira wine tour, good food, and of course, some work. The day after coming back, I…

  • WordCamp Paris 2018

    WordCamp Paris 2018

    On the 9th of March it was WordCamp Paris. I had the chance to be there, at the WooCommerce and Jetpack table, sponsors of the event. It was a fantastic opportunity to meet the French WordPress community, talk to talented and passionate people, and share the love for WordPress!

  • Snow


    A week at home because the roads were slippery, school transportation and classes cancelled. I was very happy to be working from home, watching the snow from my window.

  • Whistler 


    El encuentro de toda la empresa en Whistler, Canadá.

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