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  • Vienna I: Upper Belvedere

    Vienna I: Upper Belvedere

    I went to Vienna for a work trip. I arrived early and I could squeeze in a visit to the Belvedere museum. It was cold but sunny. This is the view of the Upper Belvedere from the Lower Belvedere. And the view of the Lower Belvedere from the Upper Belvedere, with Vienna in the background.…

  • The Language of Beauty in African Art

    The Language of Beauty in African Art

    Another exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago. We went on the 31st of December. It was nice to end the year doing something I like. 250 sculptures from dozens of distinct cultures across the African continent. The exhibition focuses on the perspective of the communities and artists who created the works, instead of the…

  • My Birthday Present

    My Birthday Present

    The screenprint The Feeling, Jimmy Cauty x Stuart Semple. Number 36. Last of the lot, pure coincidence that makes it a bit more special. Here it is, framed and ready to hang. It is behind me while I am working, I see it whenever I have a call: The Feeling. Other Random Things I liked…

  • Art Institute of Chicago: David Hockney

    Art Institute of Chicago: David Hockney

    David Hockney moved to Normandy at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. He painted outdoors, on his iPad, from February till July, capturing the changing landscape and the arrival of spring. The exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago, The Arrival of Spring, shows big prints of his work and two videos with animations.…

  • The Met: Chroma

    The Met: Chroma

    The exhibition shows reconstructions of ancient greek and roman sculptures in color. My mind kept coming to the restoration of the Ecce Homo. Probably not a fair comparison, there is a lot of research behind the exhibition and maybe it was just the strangeness of it. One of the reconstructions was a side of a…

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