Author: Brezo Cordero

  • 2023-03-24: Daily Update

    2023-03-24: Daily Update

    Kids didn’t have school today. I could sleep until 7:30. That was great. Not so much when at 10:30 they were coming in to know what was for lunch. It was sunny this morning but now there is a snow storm. Winter doesn’t want to leave. At work I did the project updates, the specs, […]

  • Art I Liked This Week

    Art I Liked This Week

    Found on Instagram because social media can also be inspiring. The Hyperrealistic Pencil Portraits from Arinze Stanley Ai Wei Wei Recreation of Monet’s Water Lilies with Lego Bricks. There is a good picture on this article from ArtNews These are some images of the process from Ai Wei Wei’s Instagram account Art Materials from Stuart […]

  • 2023-03-23: Daily Update

    2023-03-23: Daily Update

    Today for breakfast there was French toast, yogurt and bananas. There was nothing left, I guess it was good. For lunch, it was leftover kimchi fried rice, 12 grapes, Nutella sticks and a small pack of chips. My husband cooked dinner because I wanted to work a bit more. Kids had swim and my daughter […]

  • On Expansion and Focus

    On Expansion and Focus

    There are days when I feel I am too much in my head. Usually I have been focusing on a problem for too long, the focus starts to narrow until it is too small and my head seems like a enclosed space. Then I know I need some expansion. This is a list of things […]

  • 2023-03-22: Daily Update

    2023-03-22: Daily Update

    I finished the audio book Over The Edge Of The World. Just on time because it was the date it would be returned on the Libby app. Last time I took it out I was only 10% in, then I had to wait 3 months to get it again. But no complaining, the public library […]