Books in September-October

Better late than never, here is the list.


by Claire Keegan

A short story about a girl who is sent to live with relatives in a farm when her mother gives birth. There is kindness and deep sadness in the story. I loved how the story is presented from the point of view of the girl and the slow discovery of the things that are not being said.

I like the cover of the book too, it reminded me of Japanese illustrator Taro Gomi

Legends & Lattes

by Travis Baldree

A fantasy story about an Orc that decides to stop fighting and open a coffee shop.

Entertaining and cute. It might not be a master piece but nice to read on a cold winter day.

If you like lattes and sweets get ready for some serious cravings.


by Mary Beard

The history of Rome from the kings in the 8 BC until all inhabitants of the Roman Empire were made citizens in 212 AD.

Great book. She makes it interesting and lively. I only regret that I got the audiobook and I am sure I would have enjoyed reading it on paper more.

On Writing

by Stephen King

I started this book when we had just moved to the US and I did not finish it. When I picked it up this year, after 5 years living in Wisconsin, I could relate much better to the story and really liked it.

I always enjoy reading about the creative process and this book did not disappoint. I also was a big fan of Stephen King when I was a teenager. My father would tell me to stop reading bad literature and read the classics and I would roll my eyes and go back to my book, same as my kids roll my eyes at me now, only they go back to TikTok and YouTube. Payback time.

MariaDB High Performance

by Pierre Mavro

I don’t have to administer databases but I always like to learn a bit more about how things work. The chapters about optimizing performance and the different engines were very useful to me. The examples and queries are pretty good and it is well explained. I don’t know how I ended up buying this book or where I got the recommendation from. I am happy I did.

War and Peace

by Leo Tolstoy

I stopped reading it during summer then I took it up again, and I’m still liking it.

I found the chapter were Pierre goes to war hilarious. Not sure if that was the intention but it was too funny to imagine him wandering around completely clueless and not being wounded while the action happens around him.

A World Without Email and Digital Minimalism

by Cal Newport

I am listing both books together because there are a lot of repeated concepts about removing distractions, not multitasking etc.

I listened to them because I got them from the library after a long wait but I didn’t get much from them. At least there was no talk about cold showers. I’ll give him that.

I am not saying that the books don’t have good tips or useful ideas, it’s only that I have read many productivity books and right now I have my methods that work. And when they stop working, it is usually because I am either not sleeping/resting enough or getting bored and restless.

And that’s it for September-October!


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