We’re off to a Good Start. Play It Cool.

12 minutes before the descent on the moon, Gene Kranz, the flight director for the Apollo 11 Lunar Landing, said to his flight controllers: “We’re off to a good start. Play it cool.”

The transcript of the PAO mission commentary is on the NASA website.

PAO Guidance says we’re GO.
PAO Now 12 minutes, 54 seconds to ignition.
Gene Kranz just replied his flight controllors were off to
a good start. Play it cool.

PAO 12 minutes now until ignition for power descent

All the audio recordings and transcripts from the mission are available on the website.

I love that sentence and that NASA is going again to the moon with the Artemis mission with a long term goal of going to Mars.

full moon on black background

We’re off to a Good Start.
Play it Cool.


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