Montserrat, Museum of Montserrat, and Tàpies

Last May, during the work meetup in Castelldefels, we spent one day in Montserrat. We bought a combined ticket that included a return train ticket from BCN to Montserrat, return ticket for the cable car that goes up to the monastery, lunch at the cafeteria, entry to the art museum, and a return ticket for the Sant Joan Funicular that goes to the top of the mountain.

Museum of Montserrat

This is a really random museum, it has an eclectic collection of paintings and unexpected things like an Egyptian sarcophagus.

I thought it was a bit misleading, the way it is advertised: “Great collection of Catalan painters”. If you check their website, you see in some places a more honest description of what you can find inside: “The Museum of Montserrat houses an important collection of avant-garde art. The avant-garde and contemporary art, naturally, is still in its germinal state, but there are works from great artists that set the pace for growth in this section.”

Some paintings that caught my eye:


The Museum of Montserrat had two paintings from Antoni Tàpies. In a dark corner without much explanation, not the best setup to appreciate one of my favorite painters.

If you want to know more about Tàpies, I really like this old documentary from the BBC. There is something in his work that reminds me of Fabienne Verdier.

It was a really fun day trip in Montserrat, with a bit for everyone, totally recommended.


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