Neon Genesis Evangelion

I am reading Pure Invention: How Japan’s Pop Culture Conquered The World, by Matt Alt.

In the book, Matt Alt talks about the influence of the anime series Evangelion. The series and all the following movies were a huge success, brought out the Otaku and anime became more than kid’s stuff.

I started watching the series on Netflix, then my daughter joined in and she might be a bit young but I don’t censor much at home, so we are watching it together.

At the beginning of each episode, I like to embarrass her and make her laugh singing the opening song. She tries to take the remote from me to skip the intro.

The book is very good. It was a recommendation in The Magnet newsletter. I borrowed it from the public library and read most of it while sitting on the benches during a kid’s swim meet.

And Other Things I liked

On the techniques used to identify the Idaho Killer.

Women Can’t Have it All (via The Audacious Roundup).

Rebel Heart by First Aid Kit (from this Spotify playlist).

WordCamp Europe 2023 Keynote.

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