Books in May

Open Water

By Caleb Azumah Nelson. A favorite. The book reads a bit like poetry, or maybe like songs. There is a lot of music in this book. It is really beautiful, powerful and sad.

The Low End Theory from A Tribe Called Quest, to accompany the book.

Tastes Like War

This was a library read where they make the book available, for a limited time, to everyone that wants to borrow it, and many people read it at the same time. It talks about intergenerational trauma, schizophrenia, racism, isolation. I liked it.

There is some controversy about this book, whether it is a true story or not. I was surprised about it because I would never consider memoirs non-fiction books but I guess if it is really the brother, where does the memoir end and the defamation start?

The Nightingale

This book has won prizes but I didn’t like it. There are many books about WWII that I found much better than this one, like All the Light We Cannot See. I feel like I was tricked by the book cover. So similar, too similar.

A Court of Thorns and Roses

A waste of time. Not for me. The only good thing about this book is that it made me rethink how I keep my list of things to read. I started reading it and kept thinking ‘Why on earth am I reading this?’. Since then, on my ‘To read’ list, I write why I want to read something and where I got the recommendation from.

I also kept reading War and Peace, one chapter per day, but fell behind again. Hard to keep routines when you travel and hard to pick them back again.

I am listening to Evicted that is eye opening and so close geographically. I have 3 hours left to listen so it will go with the books in June but I had to list it here. It is brilliant. Matthew Desmond has a new book Poverty, by America, that I also would like to read.

And that’s it for this month. What are you reading?


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