23-04-23: Daily Update

My husband is in France. He sent me a picture of a rainbow, he said it had been raining and grey all day. I don’t miss that. “La Grisaille” slowly seeps into your bones. Here the winters are long but we see the sun more.

I finished Project Hail Mary today (and updated the list of books for this year). I had a great time reading it. What an adventure!

The Art Institute of Chicago has an exhibition about Dalí that I want to go see. I watched this talk about it. I hope we can go before they take it off.

I went to the mall with two of the kids. We had bought some clothes online but the sizes were unpredictable, so we had to go to return some and get the right size. I don’t like going to the shopping mall. It’s just boring.

There were more boring things in the day, like laundry, meal planning, grocery shopping. I listened to this podcast where Julia Louis-Dreyfus interviews Isabel Allende. I don’t think I am any wiser but it made all the chores more bearable and it reminded me that it’s been a long time since I haven’t read anything from her.

For dinner one of the kids wanted rice. I made kimchi fried rice. He ate just plain rice. The rest of us ate all the fried rice.

I did a bit of Yoga. This Sunday it was an exercise for the lymphatic system. It was new to me. I didn’t dislike it but I am not sure I would be looking forward to do it again.

And that’s it for today!


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