Placebo Like in 2001

I went to see Placebo in Chicago with my husband on Friday. Last time I saw them was in Salamanca in 2001.

I had a great time, they played really well, I liked the music and the venue.

They played mostly the latest album and some songs from the old ones, like The Bitter End.

The Salt Shed indoor venue had just been open. I liked the brick building and the industrial interior. There were food trucks outside, bars inside that you can access while watching the concert. All the staff was super friendly. The people flow is also well thought, no congestions to get in or out.

We could see the stage very well, even if we didn’t have premium tickets, the sound was great too. A place to come back.

Before the concert, they played a recording where Brian Molko asks the audience to not be with the phones out all the time, to be in the moment and don’t bother people behind. From what I saw, other than occasional pictures/videos, we kept the phones in our pockets.

I do have a tiny bad recorded video, as a memory.

The new album is very much attuned to present time, with songs that talk about intolerance, climate change, surveillance or Brexit.

Sometimes bands evolve and you are disappointed because you don’t like their new music or they just keep living off old hits. It is not the case here.

I am still a Placebo fan, like in 2001.


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