2023-04-18: Daily Update

This morning for breakfast, it was yogurt with granola. We like these yogurts because the consistency is like the one of the yogurts we are used to. They might not be better but they are familiar.

Living abroad there are many small things every day that are small challenges and sometimes you are just happy to take a break in the consistency of a yogurt.

It was a busy day at work but manageable. I am the porter this week so no project work.

Apparently I forgot to buy short fins for one of the kids. He should have had them a few weeks ago and I had no idea. The coach was not happy. I got an email about it. Ouch.

I could finally exercise a bit. I am still on antibiotics but I don’t feel sick anymore.

I am reading Project Hail Mary and enjoying it. It is hard to put down interstellar travel.


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2 responses to “2023-04-18: Daily Update”

  1. ritab Avatar

    I hear Project Hail Mary is an awesome read. Let me know what you think…

    1. Brezo Cordero Avatar
      Brezo Cordero

      I am 50% in and really enjoying it. I get a bit lost on the scientific explanations and I am tempted to go check how much truth there is in them but I have decided to wait until I finish the book.
      I will write about it when I finish it.

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