Pastries In a Can

Ok, these pastries in a can are not the best and even if they have organic ingredients, I would rather have non organic butter and non organic sugar than organic palm oil and organic inverted syrup.

But the containers are very interesting. When I first saw these pastry cans in the supermarkets here, they got me really intrigued and I wanted to try them out.

This is how it works: You peel the can, press with a spoon to explode it and a cylinder of pastries comes out. They are pre-cut, so you just separate them and put them to bake.

It took me a minute to figure out I had to peel the white paper too. You can see there is a knife in the picture because I was losing patience.

They come with a bag of frosting that I didn’t even open. The rolls are pretty sweet already.

I haven’t seen these cans outside of the US. Are they a normal thing now?


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2 respuestas a «Pastries In a Can»

  1. Avatar de Rita

    Nope! I have only seen these in the US. Outside the US – only on US Miltery Bases PX.We tried them when we first came to the US too, Same for all things Scara Lee 🤣

    Remind me to tell you about our first family trip to “Safeway” when we first came to the US. We lost all shelf control. 🤣😁😱🤯

    1. Avatar de Brezo Cordero
      Brezo Cordero

      You have to tell me about that supermarket “trip” and now I will have to try the Sara Lee stuff 😀

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