2023-04-09: Daily Update

I am sick. I tried to get through it since Wednesday but today I was worse. I gave in and went to the doctor.

I have strep and I am taking antibiotics. I can’t remember the last time I had antibiotics, it was years ago. I will be eating fermented foods, vegetables and fruits to compensate for the damage antibiotics cause to your gut (I recommend this book).

Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow. On the weekend my husband has been doing all the tasks I normally do (and more) but during the week he works long hours and not from home. That is going to be a challenge. When I travel, we plan in advance and he works from home but tomorrow he needs to go to the office.

And I don’t want to take a day off tomorrow, even if I can without any trouble. I want to work more than I want to prepare school lunches or drive the kids around and I am not less of a mother for saying that. I really like working, what I do, the company I work for, my colleagues. Work gives me great satisfaction. It is also my right to work and get paid for it. I want to exercise that right.

So I hope the antibiotics will do their magic tonight and I can do an Ai Weiwei flipping finger to the strep. If not, it will be my first sick day in 6.5 years.


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2 respuestas a «2023-04-09: Daily Update»

  1. Avatar de Paul

    Sometimes it’s good to just take a sick day, and take care of yourself, too. 😉

    1. Avatar de Brezo Cordero
      Brezo Cordero

      So true Paul! I am not very good at that.

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