Spring Energy

I really like the energy that comes with spring. All the ideas you get for new projects and to restart old ones. The willingness to be outdoors.

What I didn’t know is that this is not shared by my family. This morning I asked them about it and the didn’t feel the same. How strange that something so important and motivating to me does not exist for them. Maybe they didn’t feel like talking in the morning, it could also be that.

When we lived in Singapore I missed the changing of the seasons. I didn’t miss a lot of things but this I did. You change your behavior with the seasons, you start new things/habits when they change, you can measure the passage of time with them.

And the weather is changing too, we will have 75F on Wednesday. After the long winter it is such a present.

I have a list of projects for this spring and can’t wait to get started.


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