2023-04-06: Daily Update

This morning I cooked French toast for breakfast, prepared the school lunches, cooked dinner in advance (lentejas con chorizo), did some laundry, some running after the kids, the usual.

French toast, banana, grapes and vitamins

At work I did the weekly review with Laetitia, a bit earlier than usual because she can’t on Friday, I helped one of our QA engineers with an error while testing and finished a PR for one of the projects I am working on.

I played a bit with Chat-GPT answering questions in experts voice: How would you improve this code in the voice of Rebecca Wirfs-Brock? What would you refactor in the voice of Robert C. Martín? How would you improve the security in the voice of Liran Tal?

I didn’t get any outstanding suggestions on the code but it explained very well some of the principles. I would recommend the concepts explanation in the experts voice for learning without taking the code for granted.

My daughter fell asleep after school and I found out when the French teacher messaged me that she was not connected for the class. She told me she was tired but I didn’t let her cancel the class. I did let her skip swim practice.

I am a bit sick, it is not Jetlag. I tried to exercise but after 20 minutes I had to stop. I am very glad I prepared dinner this morning or kids would be eating chicken nuggets.

Now I am going to bead early hoping tomorrow I will feel better


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