2023-04-05: Daily Update

Back to everyday life. I got up at 5:30, fed the cat, prepared breakfast and lunches, cooked the vegetables for dinner, ran a load of laundry, remembered how nice it was to have a relaxed breakfast during the vacation.

I prepared ahead peas with onions. This is a simple dish that tastes good. You mince a lot of sweet onions, almost as much as the peas, you cook them in olive oil until soft and transparent, add the peas, add stock (or water and salt) and let it boil. If you have Spanish ham cubes, you add them with the peas and are careful with the salt.

Uncooked onions
Before adding the water and letting them boil

At work I catched up on all the things that happened in a week and a half, had one meeting, a pair programming session, did a couple of updates, scheduled some things, wrote some feedback and started working on updating things for changes on the data we get from an API.

I had the worst headache around 6:30pm, probably Jetlag, got Advil, laid down and it went away.

I finished listening to Ikigai. I started listening to Make Time when driving the kids to swim. My daughter said it was boring but then asked me to put it back when I turned it off. I asked her if there is something she would like to have more time for, she said she has plenty of free time. That made me smile.

And that’s it for today.


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