2023-04-01: Daily Update

This morning we bought churros and chocolate at Churrería el Cano. They had thick or thin churros, we got the thin ones. They were very good. The chocolate was ok, I like it better when we make it at home.

It was a bit cloudy so we didn’t go to the beach. Later on the sun came out and we spent time in the garden. Lying under the sun with the scent of the orange blossoms. Bliss.

I went for a run with my husband. I tried to spot the ‘Tortuga mora” but I had no luck. He showed me the wild asparagus plant. When it rains, you wait one week and then you can gather asparagus from the center of the plant. You need to wear gloves to protect your skin. You can pan fry them with ibérico ham.

My husband took a picture of me after the run. It was a very slow run. I feel like ‘Tortuga mora’ is a good race name. Fits me well.

We had tapas for dinner. There were croquetas de jamón ibérico, calamares, patatas bravas, montaditos de lomo y queso y montaditos de queso fresco. So good!


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