Milan Erasers

We went to a store with the kids to buy thread to make friendship bracelets and they had Milan erasers!

These are the erasers from my childhood and I thought they didn’t exist any more. I was wrong.

The company Milan, based in Empordà (Catalonia) still produces erasers, 2500 tons! It has been producing since 1918.

This is the classic model, pink, white or green.

This is the ‘special’ nata (cream) eraser that we all wanted.

And this is a collectible with animals.

I am glad they are still on business and have kept the same model. I’ll be taking some home.


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2 responses to “Milan Erasers”

  1. ritap Avatar

    Holycow, see these milian erasers took me. We called them rubbers, milan nata’s. Alway had the pink and white. This made me smile. I happy to see they’re still around and still manufacturing. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Brezo Cordero Avatar
      Brezo Cordero

      You have lived in so many countries. In which of them did you have the Milan’s rubbers? So fancy that you always had the ‘Nata’ model 😁

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