2023-03-28: Personal Update

We left the hotel at 4:40am. At the airport the trouble continued, we had 4 tickets but my daughter’s had not been transferred properly and they couldn’t print the boarding pass. Next flight was on Thursday.

The airlines started the hot potato game. Call Iberia, call American Airlines, feel hopeless in between. 30 minutes before departure it was fixed. We didn’t believe it until we took off.

In Spain we still had a 5 hours ride. We saw the Osborne bull, we stopped a few times for coffee,  had a huge potato omelette sandwich, empanadillas and chips with ham flavor.

And finally, after 45 hours travelling, we arrived, tired but happy.


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One response to “2023-03-28: Personal Update”

  1. ritap Avatar

    So happy you finally made it to Spain and family.

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