2023-03-27: Personal Update

We landed in Heathrow after our connecting flight had already left.

All flights Heathrow-Madrid were full and American Airlines gave us another itinerary via Lyon, with an additional layover and 5 more hours of travel.

Heathrow airport was overcrowded. We had £50 bonus to eat because of the delay but it was very hard to find a place to seat. We ended up eating at a noodles place that I wouldn’t recommend, then our flight to Lyon was also delayed.

When we landed in Lyon our connecting flight had just left. There were no other flights and nobody at Iberia counter. We called them, they said it was not their responsibility because the first flight had been operated by American Airlines.

We called American Airlines, after an hour wait they said it was the responsibility of Iberia because they had issued the ticket. But they called Iberia on our behalf and booked us a flight for tomorrow. What a difference in customer service!

While we were at Lyon airport, we bought some sandwiches, salads and cookies for dinner. Kids said that even airport food is good in France.

We found a hotel not far from the airport and tomorrow we will leave at 4:40am, hopefully we will make it to Madrid on the 6:40am flight.


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2 respuestas a «2023-03-27: Personal Update»

  1. Avatar de ritap

    Hang in there. These twists and turns are all part of the adventure. You never know who you’ll meet in an airport. Again safe travels.

  2. Avatar de Lae

    What a ride…!!! Hope you’re already in Spain by now! 🙂

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