On Expansion and Focus

There are days when I feel I am too much in my head. Usually I have been focusing on a problem for too long, the focus starts to narrow until it is too small and my head seems like a enclosed space.

Then I know I need some expansion. This is a list of things that help me get it:

  • Look at a big blue sky (1-5m)
  • Go for a walk (15-20m)
  • Take a long hot shower (15-20m)
  • Take a nap (less than 30m)
  • Listen to one of Tara Brach’s reflections (30-50m)
  • Exercise (30-50m)

In this episode of Remarkable people, Guy Kawasaki interviews Julia Cameron, and she tells how she has a writing extension that she uses when she wants to express expansion. It has a huge window overlooking the mountains. And when she wants to be straightforward, she goes to the library to write inside of a square room.

I never thought about modifying my work space for expansion or focus. I think that mine is more square than open. Maybe I can add a painting or a poster to look at when I need some expansion.


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