2023-03-22: Daily Update

I finished the audio book Over The Edge Of The World. Just on time because it was the date it would be returned on the Libby app. Last time I took it out I was only 10% in, then I had to wait 3 months to get it again. But no complaining, the public library and the Libby app are amazing.

Then I read this article that was on theme: What do people oppressed by one power have to say when that power expands to dominate other parts of the world?

Today was less of a rush because one kid had an orthodontist appointment in between kids swim trainings. This gave me a break, they couldn’t go to swim and the orthodontist is only 5mins away.

We had Kimchi fried rice for dinner. It was very good and I made enough to have leftovers for tomorrows lunches.

I broke a nice bowl. I only have one left from a set of 6 that was I bought a few years ago. My son said I should not use the last one. That doesn’t make sense to me, I told him that would be as if the bowl was still in the shop. My son keeps Halloween candy until Easter, when he gets chocolates and knows he will not run out of it, I guess it makes sense to him not to use the bowl until I get new ones. He was also very sweet, helped me pick it up and was worried I would be sad.

At work I had a team meeting, another with my mentor (great meeting, I always learn so much) and pair programming with another MailPoet engineer. I really enjoy our pair programming sessions, we work in different projects and I get to see pieces I am not working on. It is also fun. I finished the specs I wanted to write, as much as I can for now. I reworked a PR after getting feedback and had a bit of time to continue with the PR I am working on right now. I hope to finish it tomorrow. I also wrote feedback for my mentee.

And I made time to exercise. Medal for me! And now I should go to bed because it is almost midnight and I will hate the alarm even more at 5:30 if I don’t.

Good night!


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