2023-03-21: Daily Update

The calendar says it is Spring but the weather is still stuck in a wet Winter.

Some AI magic and a lot of talent in this video (via The Audacious Roundup newsletter)

I didn’t go running as forecasted. I don’t think I will go tomorrow either but I will try to do some exercise at home.

This morning I prepared breakfast and lunches for the kids. One didn’t touch the breakfast, another forgot to take the lunchbox. I had also prepared a bag of bananas to take to school for ‘bowling for bananas’. That was also forgotten.

At work I had one meeting, did some thinking and asked many questions for one of the projects, reworked one PR after getting some feedback, and started working on another one.

I booked piano lessons for my daughter, a haircut appointment for my second son, drove kids to swim, cooked dinner, worked a bit more and that was it.


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