2023-03-20: Daily Update

Today is the first day of Spring and I still have winter decoration outside the house. At least it is not Xmas decorations.

Strava planning tells me that tomorrow is an easy run of 1:20 to 1:40. I could either quit my job or don’t take the kids to activities and feed them chicken nuggets again. I guess not.

Today was a rest day, I aced it! I only left the house to drive the kids to swim. 2,389 steps.

Two missing lunchboxes made a mysterious reappearance today. I will spare you the look (and smell) of the containers that had been left inside with leftover food.

I was listening to the Magellan’s book while driving my 11yo daughter to swim. They were talking about a tribe that ate human hearts with lemon and orange juice (a huge exaggeration of the expedition chronicler). Her comment: “Like that they don’t get scurvy”.

At work I finished a PR review that I started on Friday, learned a lot with the review, wrote project updates for 2 projects I am working on, attended a MailPoet town hall and submitted 2 small PRs.

Dinner was nice. There were no fights.

And that’s it for today. Hope you also had a peaceful dinner.


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