The Weekly Review

Every week I look at what I did last week and what will need to be done the coming week.

I go over my task manager (Todoist), email, calendar and notes (Obsidian). I think about what went well, what I want to keep, what I want to stop doing. I set up priorities for the coming week. I review my goals and set up new tasks to move them forward.

When I miss doing this weekly review, the coming week has more chances of being messy and stressful.

Sometimes I start the review on Fridays (with a friend from work) and finish it on Sundays. If we can’t meet, I will do it all on Sundays.

I have been using the Full Focus Planner since August. I like it because the goal setting process is not only for work and it has questions and structure for the weekly review. I miss doing the review much less with the planner and having holistic goals gives me perspective about work. There are also daily pages but I will keep that for another time.

This is a picture of the planner and of the weekly review pages. I also like that is clean. Some people are very creative with their planners but I don’t use it for that.

I am going to do the review now. Hope your week went great and that next week brings happy adventures!


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