2023-13-19: Daily Update

I woke up without an alarm, stayed in bed because I wanted too, had a late breakfast, read a bit, had some coffee.

The key lime pie we made yesterday was so sweet and heavy that we thought it was not edible. We will have to find a lighter recipe. Inés said that at least it was fun to make.

Very soon it was almost noon, I thought nobody would be hungry for lunch because we had a late breakfast so I went for a run. I was wrong! I got a call asking for food, I told them to put some chicken nuggets in the oven and kept running. It was cold but sunny.

I ran 10.52km.

I took a small pretty stone on the way back as a celebratory token. I put in my office with a postcard I bought at a market in Berlin and a Lego Yoda.

After that it was grocery shopping with my husband, we also drove one kid to the park to meet a friend, and I took a small nap. Then changing bed sheets, some laundry, cook dinner and prepare the week ahead.

And that’s it for today!


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