2023-13-18: Daily Update

I woke up late. My daughter came to bed with me and we took the 5 love languages test on my phone. My love language is acts of service, hers is quality time.

We went grocery shopping together. It was -6C. I had winter boots and 2 pairs of socks, she was wearing crocs without socks.

We bought sour candy and kept it in a secret stash.

We made a key lime pie to eat tomorrow. It is the first time we make it. She chose this recipe to try. She really liked crushing the graham crackers. I told her how in Spain we would use María Fontaneda biscuits. The original factory was in Aguilar, close to where I grew up. They still make biscuits in that village but for another company.

I really like cooking with my kids and teaching them recipes. Sometimes they cook on their own, the kitchen is a mess but I mostly don’t mind.

I went to the post office to return a package for my eldest son. He is at a chess tournament in Oshkosh. Going to the post office here is such a pleasant experience, nothing compared to the nightmares when I lived in Paris.

At 9pm I picked up my second son from work, he is 14 and works Thursdays and Fridays at a fast food joint. In Europe it would be illegal unless it is your family business.

My husband was back when we came home. No more pictures of machines. 🙂

I didn’t go running because it was cold and with light snow and I preferred expending time with my daughter. I kept on listening to the Magellan expedition book, they are now in the Philippines.

I also didn’t work because it is the weekend and I hope you are enjoying yours!


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    Hey! I want in on the secret stash 🙂

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