2023-03-17: Daily Update

It is Friday! I am looking forward to waking up tomorrow without an alarm. Slow mornings are one of my favorite parts of the weekends.

I got an email from my running training plan that today was a rest day. I can do that.

I signed up to a 10k running training plan on Strava and I am behind. I am going to try for real to go running this weekend.

I don’t like the training, I like running at my own pace, but I do like having the days fixed in the calendar, even if this week I did not make it.

I like this take on AI on how it can help teachers in the classroom. Different from all the ones on how students can use GPT to generate essays and pass exams and it is the end of learning and the world will be taken over by the robots overlords.

I helped my son (the one that got sick) to clean the Guinea Pig cage. We have two mats like this one and it is so much easier to clean them than using the paper bedding. I think the Guinea Pig likes them too. We also use dog training pads on top of the mat on the corner with the food and water, less sustainable but practical. And the cardboard boxes from the same brand as the mats. This is a picture with our cat watching over the Guinea Pig who is hiding in the cardboard box.

It was a good day at work, I finished the PR that I wanted to finish and I started a PR review that is a bit big, so I will finish that on Monday. I had a social call with a couple of people from MailPoet and a nice meeting with my mentee.

And one last picture from ConExpo. My husband gets back tomorrow. This one is outside and the weather looks amazing. I am jelaous!

Wishing you slow mornings and sunny days. Enjoy your weekend!


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