Vienna II: Kunsthistorisches Museum

When I was in Vienna for work, we had a guided visit of the Kunsthistorisches Museum.

The Kunthistorisches Museum was built at the same time as the Natural History Museum. They have similar layout, symmetrical façades and face each other.

When you enter the building there is a majestic staircase, including paintings from Gustav Klimt.

I took too many pictures of the paintings and not very good ones. I will just put here some from Bruegel, you can see more and better on the museum website.

One anecdote: our guide told us that Bruegel was the first one to paint a winter landscape. That was surprising. I am not sure what are the conditions to qualify, maybe Chinese landscapes like this one don’t count because it is ink on paper?

It was a wonderful visit and our guide was really great, sharing many facts and taking her time to explain. Time flew by.


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2 responses to “Vienna II: Kunsthistorisches Museum”

  1. ritap Avatar

    When you have a moment take a look at the Village Square, I don’t what the name is – this is my name for it. Zoom in and really look at the faces, the people the activities. Its quite amazing and interesting.

    1. Brezo Cordero Avatar
      Brezo Cordero

      Carnival vs Lent? I followed your advice and found a video that explains it nicely. Thanks for the recommendation 😀 :

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