2023-03-16: Daily Update

This is a picture of my journal during breakfast this morning.

I keep the finished ones in a box in a cupboard. Last time I went on a trip I told my husband: ‘If something happens to me, you have to burn them without reading them, or my ghost will haunt you for eternity’. If he had journals, and told me that, I would be searching for them. To be honest, there is nothing really interesting on them. One of my kids told me so. Looks like my ghost will have to haunt him for eternity.

My husband is still at ConExpo and I am getting more and more pictures of machines and people’s legs on our shared pictures feed.

And today I got a call from the school nurse, one of the kids was sick and I had to go pick him up. Nothing too bad but enough to break my schedule.

The laundry basket in the kid’s bathroom was overflowing, so badly that it cracked. I managed to washed and dry all of it (+ the other baskets around the house)

I also worked today. I continued working on retrieving the payload and doing things with it. It is moving along well although I wouldn’t mind if it was easier to test things that move across different systems. I want to finish it tomorrow.

And somehow I managed to exercise 30 minutes. I couldn’t go running but at least it was something.

And that’s it for today. 1 minute before midnight. I almost missed the update.


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