Garbage Post Challenge

I don’t do marketing, or coaching or own my business but I started listening to The Joyful Marketing podcast and got really intrigued by the Garbage Post Challenge.

You need to post 100 pieces of content, pushed out to the world, in 30 days.

That is 3/4 posts per day!

This is a link to Simone’s website with the post about the podcast. She includes the full transcript too (kudos for the accessibility).

If you use Pocket Casts like me, this is the episode.

I shared it with my friend Lae who said we should create a challenge in Habitica app and do it! So here we go, the challenge is not created yet but I am not waiting in case the initial energy fades out.

I don’t know how I am going to manage to post 3/4 times a day. Maybe it will be just one post per day with 3/4 thoughts/links of the day. I am really curious to try it out and see what I get from it.

What worries me is that I don’t want to start spamming. I have 34 subscribers to this blog, this is a tiny number in today’s context, and it includes two test accounts, my husband and my mom (Hi mom! I love you! I didn’t win an Oscar). That is 30 humans that subscribed by their own will and it is important to me not to abuse their trust.

So to my 30 valued subscribers, I say sorry in advance, you can unsubscribe any time, it will make me sad but I will understand, and I guess I will have it to figure out this thing as I go.

One last thing, if you are new here and want to do a good deed for me, if you sign up to the newsletter on the box below you will brighten my day and help me with my work. It uses MailPoet, one of WooCommerce/Automattic products and I work as a developer for that team. I always like to use the things we build at Automattic to share the joys and pains, with the intent of increasing the joys and reducing the pains.

Vamos al lío! -> This means Onwards to the mess! Or something like that. I say this to myself often.


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  1. Avatar de Lae

    Heyyyy 🙂
    Am SO happy about this one 🙂 Here’s the Habitica challenge:

    Let’s go!!!

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