2023-03-15: Daily Update

I took some pictures of my cooking recipes folder.

I have drawings at the back of the recipes, from where the kids where little. They always make me smile

I have a lot of cookbooks that I read and check for inspiration, but the recipes I like and make, I copy them (or photocopy them) and put them in my folder.

My husband is at ConExpo in Las Vegas and our shared photo feed gets flooded with pictures of engines and people’s legs, like this one.

I am listening to ‘Over the Edge of The World: Magellan’s Terrifying Circumnavigation of the Globe‘. 46% in, borrowed from the public library on the libby app. I am liking it but I didn’t expect so much violence, mutinies, torture, mistreatments of indigenous people (well, that last one, was sadly expected). I was listening to it on the car with my 11yo and had to stop it when they started describing the ‘Strappado’ with a lot of details.

I also worked today 🙂 and it was a productive day and I like what I am working on. I finished a PR for a webhook that returns a payload and started working on another PR that will use that payload and do things with it.

And that is for today!


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3 respuestas a «2023-03-15: Daily Update»

  1. Avatar de ritap

    Good Job!

    1. Avatar de Brezo Cordero
      Brezo Cordero

      Thank you Rita!

  2. Avatar de Lae

    Love this update! Definitely shows how many different hats we can wear during any single day 🙂
    Also – those cookbooks are just amazing!! I am loving that idea even though i don’t have kids around to make them as pretty as yours, but love the personalization that goes into them!

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