Books in February

Les déracinés

This is the story of a Jewish couple that starts in Vienna in 1930 and follows them throughout their exile.

I started this book before my trip to Vienna and I almost gave up on it. It is only when they leave Vienna that I was caught in the book and really liked it from there.

The family ends up in the Jewish settlement of Sosua, in the Dominican Republic. If you are like me and had never heard about the creation of this community before, this video from the NY museum of Jewish history explains it and interviews some of the settlers.

Driven To Distraction

A book about ADHD. I liked how it shows different forms of ADHD and focuses on the positive traits.

It Ends with Us

I didn’t read the plot before starting this book and somehow I thought it was a cute love story. My surprise when it turned into a story of abuse. I did like it, maybe more because it was unexpected.

Mind your Mindset

Meh. I didn’t get much from it. There are some resources and a course that came with the book, I haven’t checked them out yet.

War and Peace

I continued reading one chapter per day. Still enjoying it.

Berg put on the cleanest of coats, without a spot or speck of dust, stood before a looking glass and brushed the hair on his temples upwards, in the way affected by the Emperor Alexander, and, having assured himself from the way Rostóv looked at it that his coat had been noticed, left the room with a pleasant smile.

The emperor’s hairstyle:

Alexander I by G.Dawe. File and license.

And I can also see from the bookmark how far we are already in the year

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