July in Spain. Part 2: Saldaña

We spent time with my mom, brother and nephew. We visited La Olmeda Roman Villa, with one of the most important mosaics of the Roman world that is still really well preserved. We ate my mom’s delicious food, we ate “cecina” at El bodegón, had a lovely lunch at Cantina Sofia, went up the hill to the ruins of the medieval castle, did some shopping at the weekly market, visited the Roman market (that somehow had fairies?), and visited ‘La virgen del Valle‘ .

Other random things I liked

Overnight French toast for school days breakfast

The dad’s existential crisis in Moominpapa at the sea

Watching Kleo to practise German

The view from Lapham Peak Observation Tower


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  1. […] was surprising to me is that I have been several times to La Villa, even last summer, and I didn’t make the […]

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