July in Spain. Part 1: Aguilas

I really enjoyed going to the coves around Aguilas in Murcia. They don’t have easy access and many were empty. We found some French cars around, maybe the area is featured in one of those Guides du Routard.

I also liked going for runs at 9pm, it was still hot. I love the long days of summer.

Other Random Things I Liked

The Full Focus Planer.

The Murderbot Diaries series and Moominvalley in November.

This fruit galette recipe.

A fountain pen I bought in Muji for $16.


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2 respuestas a «July in Spain. Part 1: Aguilas»

  1. Avatar de ritap

    Spain looks lovely. Did you explore any of the caves in the cove? Was the sea warm? On a side note more questions :). First, what did you think of the Murder bot diaries and Mooninvalley in November. I had fun read up on both. Im not sure about the Muderbot, but enjoyed the mooninvalley link. I read about each book. Murderbot makes me think of the Terminator – what can I say. (I’ll be Back!”) Second, how do you like your Muji fountain pen? I have one – it feels so light in my hand, smooth nib and a nice ink flow. Third, the fruit galette of apricots, cherries and almond cream – to die for! I need one of these for breakfast every morning with my espresso. I enjoyed these snapshots Ms. Brezo! You made me smile. As always thanks for sharing.

    1. Avatar de Brezo Cordero
      Brezo Cordero

      Hi Rita!
      We didn’t explore the caves, they are small and some people use them as toilets…
      The Mediterranean sea is very warm.
      I like the Murderbot series, they are funny and make you think about what it is to be human. But now, I am going to have to remove the image of Arnold when I read the next one. Rita, I will hold you accountable for this one!!!
      The Moomin series are amazing, I liked them as a kid, I am loving them as an adult. Highly recommended.
      The Muji fountain pen is great but I am no pen expert. I like the design, the thickness of the lines and yes, it is light.
      Thank you for reading!

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