Walks Around Milwaukee, The Domes

This is a short and cute visit. You can tour the conservatory gardens inside of The Domes in one hour, if you take it slow.

The flower dome had a fairy garden exhibition. The fairy gardens were pretty small and the set up too far to see the details, not my favorite.

I liked the desert and tropical domes much more than the flower dome.

I didn’t know there was a chewing gum tree:

My daughter Inés liked touching the Mimosa Pudica plant and seeing how the leaves closed:

Other Random Things I liked

Noticing that Fabienne Verdier’s Instagram account is like a puzzle. It makes so much more sense that the fragments I was seeing in the feed.

Another book from The Mistborn Saga, The Well of Ascension. An entertaining read perfect for the summer. I have already put the third book on hold at the library Libby app.

Amazing things you find on Tumblr: “so yes this is LITERALLY the 600-years-old butt song from hell”.

Making yogurt at home and using the yogurts to make yogurt cake (with chocolate chips).

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