Before The World Was Made

Feu Chatterton has a new album. It has been something to brighten up the end of winter.

One of the songs, “Avant qu’il n’y ait le monde” is a translation from a Yeats poem, “Before The World Was Made”.

Translating poems must be really difficult. If the translation becomes a song, it is double the challenge.

The result is beautiful. This is the video with the French lyrics in the description.

I spent some time reading about Yeats, checking poems and poems analysis. I also watched a couple of old Yale courses lectures.

It was a good distraction from the February gloom.


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4 respuestas a «Before The World Was Made»

  1. Avatar de ritabest

    Thanks for sharing @brezo

    1. Avatar de Brezo Cordero
      Brezo Cordero

      Thanks for reading! 😀

  2. Avatar de Avantika

    Thank you for writing this! I don’t speak French but I came across the Feu Chatterton song and I loved it. I couldn’t find an accurate English translation – this was so helpful! Many thanks!

    1. Avatar de Brezo Cordero
      Brezo Cordero

      Glad to know it was helpful!

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